About project

Every person's life can change in an instant. One day you are waking up being rich and famous, the next day you need to start an entire life from scratch. We are a team of designers: Artem Smirnov, Konstantin Bolimond and Alexey Kohler. Few days ago, we lost a substantial part of ourselves. All the work ever done for the last 10 years was destroyed in a fire. Our office got burned to the ashes, fire demolished everything in there: all project work ever being done, data backups, equipment, favourite things and hobbies. This year we have been preparing a big joint NFT drop, unfortunately now all we can do is to muster a collection loaded with pain and hope. There is no easy way to start everything from scratch, but we are moving forward. The collection is marking a new stage in our lifes. Each lot is unique. It contains not only an object, but also a part of our feelings and emotions. These are things that helped creating, they deserve to be imprinted in the creative universe of NFT.
The owner of the lots is guaranteed an exclusive right to receive unique objects from our new NFT collection.

Email: project.phoenix.lot@gmail.com